Sulfur Analyzer

MEDX15 Pro Sulfur Analyzer

MEDX15 Pro Sulfur Analyzer
MicrOptik introduces a new ED-XRF instrument, dedicated for the oil industry. The MEDX15 Pro is designed to determine fuel oils and petroleum products using Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy. The ASTM D4294, IP 336, IP 496, ISO 8754 and ISO 20847 are used in this application

The system has a small footprint  and is robust enough to be used for field and laboratory  applications where critical to quality parameters have to be measured.  Standard the system has a detection limit of 3 ppm. The control of the instrument is provided by a touch panel, with an easy to understand command structure.  The system is flexible enough to accommodate for all relevant ASTM and ISO analysis, applicable in the petroleum industry. Acquisitions are carried out in several seconds making the MEDX15 the fastest of its kind. The system can be enhanced with accessories to enhance sensitivity. Also a sample robot can be provided to  allow high throughput analysis. All precautions are made to ensure safety of operators from X-ray exposure.


• Designed for the oil industry
• Accurate and reliable
• Small footprint
• portable
• for solids, liquids and powders
• Intrinsically safe
• Easy to use and flexible software
• non-destructive X-ray fluorescence analysis
• Versatile analysis software for all ASTM and ISO procedures
• highly efficient tungsten tube with side-window excitation
• large area SDD detector

Technical Specification

Operating temperature range 10-35˚C
Analysis range 3ppm – 99.99%
Detection limit 3ppm
Test duration time 50-100s
Kinds of sample Liquids, solids, powders
Voltage AC 110V/220V
Sample cup volume ø 24mm×22mm
Analyzer size 370mm×360mm×418mm
Weight 32kg
Powerful X-Ray tube System is pre-calibrated
Controller with touch screen Operation manual provided for any language
USB and Ethernet ports Advanced method development options
External PC or laptop ASTM and ISO documentation
Training and commissioning