Flash Point Analyzer Series MFPA-015

Flash Point Analyzer Series MFPA-015
MicrOptik Flash Point Analyzer MFPA-015 is an automated closed-cup flash point tester with temperature range of ambient +5 to 300°C (ambient +9 to 572°F). This device allows measuring flash point with extreme high precision and thanks to its friendly interface is easily controlled through the relevant menus. Our fault-tolerant tool not only accurately determines the temperature at which the vapors of a sample might flash, but also detects the ability of a sample to yield flammable vapors when maintained at an equilibrium temperature running the flash/no flash mode

ASTM D3278; D3828; D7236; E502; IP 523; IP 524; IP 534; ISO 3679; ISO 3680; BS 3900 Part13; BS 6664 Parts 3 & 4; UN Class 3 Non-viscous Flammable Liquids; CHIPS Regulations; EPA 1020 A & B Methods are used in this application

Repeatability over multiple measurements! Convenient control via user definable settings! Small sample size!

MFPA-015 enables flash point detecting of jet fuels, solvents, chemicals, etc. Nowadays it is widely used in the fields of industry and science thus very demanded. The software is easy to use with a lot of sophistications.


MicrOptik MFPA-015 is specially designed to make you flash point tests fast, easy and thanks to its unique structure very safe for personnel. The analyzer is equipped with overheat protection system and Integrated fire-extinguishing system which can be automatically controlled or manually released. A multi-detector combines the flash point detector and the temperature probe in a solid housing with a perfectly adjusted immersion depth. MFPA-015 can be air cooled (by inbuilt fan) or liquid cooled (with tap water or circulation cooler).

Convenient Operation
• Test initiation by pre-installed standard test methods and ability to customize methods by many user-defined programs
• Menu navigation by jog shuttle system with easy turn-and-push operation and color-coded LED indication for each operation mode
• 7” color graphics display shows real-time measurement
Customized User Flexibility
• PC-software FPP Net (optional) for convenient remote handling and test data storage
• Stainless steel or small-volume sample cup (optional)
• Stainless steel sample temperature probe Pt 100 (optional)
• Bar code scanner or keyboard (optional)

Technical Specification
Temperature Range ambient +5 to 300°C (ambient +9 to 572°F)
Sample Size 2 or 4ml according to method
Ignitor Electrical Hot Wire (optional Gas Flame)
Test Modes Rapid Equilibrium and Ramp
Test Duration Rapid Equilibrium Mode 1 minute below 100°C, 2 minutes above 100°C
Test Duration Ramp Typically 6 minutes
Cool Down Time N/A
Sample Cup Material aluminium
Heating/Cooling Method Heating element, Forced Air (using Peltier element for cooling)
Computer Interface Usb 2 & Lan options
Gas Supply 50 mbar of butane or propane
Power Supply 500W (maximum)
Voltage 115V/230 , 50Hz/60Hz
Size 300mm x 430mm x 268mm
Weight 9 kg

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